Turković Owned Large Sums of Cash

Thursday February 21st, 2013
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Zijad Turković (Photo: The Court of BiH)

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) presented new evidence against Zijad Turković before the Court of BiH. The evidence points that he had a large sum of cash at his disposal. The prosecutors had a bill counter, confsicated Šejla from Jugo-Turković, admitted into evidence.

Turković’s attorney Fahrija Karkin objected against using the counter as proof that his client had large sums of money that needed to be counted electronically. Karkin said that anyone can own this machine and that indeed he had one too.

Two blockers of telephone signals and an umbrella and a T-shirt belonging to Jasmin Bahto, the owner of Audi Q7 which the members of Turković’s ring stole in December 2007 were admitted into evidence. Bahto confirmed that these items were in his car that was used for a 2.5 million KM heist of the Sarajevo Airport Depot.

A criminal turned prosecution witness Emir Zeković gave the items to the police during the raid of Isljam Kalender’s house. Kaljender is the key witness in the case.

The prosecutors also admitted into evidence the paperwork showing that Turković owned one-third of Govl LTD firm in Macedonia. Turković’s friend Nermin Čišić was listed as the owner before he transferred ownership to Jugo-Turković.

Forensic findings of Jugo-Turković’s email done by the Federation BiH Police Authority at the Court’s request were presented during the hearing. The prosecutors pointed out to two emails related to the sale of Govl LTD to buyers in Austria, and of the power of attorney that Ćišić gave to a Macedonian lawyer Tatjana Lijevo to sign a bill of sale on his behalf.

Turković’s defense objected to such presentation of evidence insisting that all emails should be read, not just those two that the prosecutors favored. The prosecutor pointed out that these two documents were expressly enumerated in the indictment and they show that Turković was in the loop.

The prosecutor’s office confiscated a number of documents in Macedonian from Jugo-Turković. Among them was an agreement for the transfer of a factory ownership to Ćišić and two international licenses for car use issued by the AAA of BiH. Jugo-Turković had given Ćišić a power of attorney to use a car Mercedes ML so that he could travel to Macedonia in her car. The prosecutors presented a number of other documents confiscated from Jugo-Turković, but since some of them have not been translated from Macedonian to Bosnian, the court refused to admit them into evidence.

The prosecutor’s office began to present evidence on charges of extortion and illegal buying of the Ključ Socks Factory shares.

Turković is charged with organized crime, narcotics trade, robbery, extortion, gun trade and other crimes. The indictment says that Turković led a group that sold cocaine and heroin from 2005 through 2010. He is accused of five murders, three attempted murders, the airport depot’s robbery, illegal acquisition of shares from the Ključ Socks Factory and money laundering.

Published Nov 23, 2012

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