Stockpiling concessions

Stockpiling concessions

By favoring of authorities, the company Lager from Posušje was awarded concessions for the exploitation of natural resources in BiH, but it does not fully honor its obligations and it owes concession fees.

Flexible Justice for Judges and Prosecutors

In the last four years, the disciplinary commissions of the HJPC BiH acquitted 12 judges and prosecutors of the disciplinary liability, while in one case they did not even conduct the disciplinary proceedings.

Citizens finance harmful private businesses

Originally conceived as a lifeline for endangered natural resources, “clean electricity” plants have become a counter and a source of safe and easy income for private individuals.

Illegal recruitment in the Palace of Justice

Janja Jovanović, President of the Sarajevo Municipal Court, employed and assigned employees to positions in this institution, although they did not meet the requirements prescribed by law.

Freedom for new swindles

Sead Žilo, a carer criminal and former convict paid BAM 54,500 not to serve two prison terms totaling one year and a half. He used the so purchased freedom for new swindles worth a quarter of a million marks.

Elected municipality mayors and city mayors in CIN Politicians’ Assets database

The CIN “Politicians’ Assets” database contains data on revenues and movable and immovable property of 15 mayors and city mayors elected in the 2020 Local Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina.




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