Flexible Justice for Judges and Prosecutors

Citizens finance harmful private businesses

Freedom for new swindles

Vote selling network exposed by CIN reporters

Politicians profiting from the bent Drina

CIN Celebrates 16 Years of Work

Protected Areas without Protection

Authorities Gloss Over Legality of Viewpoint Restaurant

Land Clearing at the Gates to the Bjelašnica Olympic Center

Court Fees Diverted to Purchase Flats for Judges

Politicians Conceal Yachts, Condos, Offices and Land

Business Elite Siphons Off Fees for Water

Promised Land for Illegal Gravel Extractors

Subsidies for Debt and Fraud

Arab Land in Sarajevo and Beyond

Hidden Assets of Sarajevo Leaders

Arab Resorts Go Underground

Minister’s Son-in-law Pockets Money from the Sale of Government Property

Grants in Brčko to Friends and Voters

Former Minister Got a Good Deal on Veterans’ Apartment

The Terrorist

Citizens Wronged on the Doljanka River

Money for Veterans Disappeared in an Arab Owned Raspberry Orchard

Lenient Sanctions for Judges’ and Prosecutors’ Mistakes

The RS Council of Peoples Illegally Provided Post Term Payouts

Corrupt Public Officials Buy Freedom Cheaply

Violence against journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Judge Fazlagić Disinherited Holocaust Victims

Attorney General’s Office for Daughter

The Bar Looks the Other Way on the Crime of a Peer

RS Railways Pays Slackers

Despite Millions for Health Care Patients Still Suffer

Ultra Top-up Worth 1 Million KM

Taxpayers Paid Dearly for Condo That Milica Marković Got for Free

Tight Quarters Puts BH Telecom in a Tight Spot

Veterans Against Veterans' Organizations

Taxpayers Pay for Empty Apartments

Land of Toxins

Millions Invested in Exchange for Polluted Water

Sarajevo Advisors More Important Than Law

Babo’s Advisors Chasing Two Rabbits

Agricultural Grants for False Square Meters

Rigged Deal Costs a Mine Millions

Ghosts of the Past

Telecom’s Job Ad Customized to Fit Party Choices

Missing Quorum for Čović Decision

Patients Shoulder the Cost of Lenses

Businessmen Donated to Hospitals, Then Profited