Donating to the work of the Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo is as easy as it is important.

As one of few truly independent news media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, CIN is devoted to holding politicians and powerful businessmen accountable. We want you to know what the institutions with power over your life are really doing. We tell you what you most need to know about corruption, crime, food safety, prices on utilities and commodities, your job conditions and your pensions. We do this without bias, rhetoric or reliance on rumor.

Thank you for supporting CIN and its goal to write in-depth, understandable reports on the issues that most touch people. We are grateful for every donation from groups and individuals.

We fight to see the budgets and contracts behind official actions and we get the privileged to explain themselves to you.

CIN was set up in 2004 with money from USAID. Since then it has functioned on grants from private foundations and an array of US and European governments. We do not accept money from political parties or from any donor who puts a condition on giving. We’d like your support.

Please donate to CIN and help insure that a new generation of Bosnian reporters will continue a tradition of excellent investigative reporting in the name of you – the public.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to send a donation in some other way, please email us at



If you wish to wire a donation from BiH using a bank transfer form or by online/internet banking, please fill in these details.

RECEPIENT: The Center for Investigative Reporting
ADDRESS: Gabrielle Moreno Locateli 11, 71000 Sarajevo.
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3387302200321323



If you wish to wire a donation via a bank transfer from a foreign-based account use the information provided below.

BENEFICIARY: Centar za istraživačko novinarstvo
BENEFICIARY BANK: UNICREDIT BANK DD Mostar, Kardinala Stepinca bb, 88000 Mostar, BIH
IBAN: BA393387304800323679


  • Mladen M. says:

    svaka Vam cast za objektivnost i za pomoc malim ljudima koji u Vas imaju povjerenje i nadaju se da ce se poneki od politicara i tzv. biznismena makar malo zastidjeti i pocrvenjeti kada Vi objavite clanke.


    od mene imate moralnu a nadam se uskoro i novcanu pomoc (nece biti puno al biti ce od srca i duse)

  • Hasan says:


    Svaka vam cast na tekstovima i istrazivanju!

    Dosta ste radili na predmetu “slubena odbrana” u kojem pojedini advokati zaradjuju milione KM radi veza sa sudijama i tuziocima.

    Od vaseg zadnjeg clanka do danas sve je i dalje ostalo identicno, nista se nije promjenilo, taj krimininal cvjeta sada jos bolje nego ikada ranije, jer su svi sudiocini vidjeli da im niko ne moze nista te da su nedodirljivi.

    Nadamo se da cete ponovo raditi na ovoj kriminalnoj prici u BIH pravosudju koje je leglo korupcije.


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