Cash Leaking Through Permeable Borders of BiH

In three years, passengers illegally took at least BAM 37.6 million from BiH to neighboring countries in front of customs officers. The authorities do not know that the money’s gone or where it came from, because its origin is not checked even in cases of legal transfer.


A Court Deed Covering Up Money Laundering

The real estate of a stockbroker Zijad Blekić is suspected to have been used for laundering BAM 1.1 million from NLB bank, and six years later, in the Travnik Land Registry Office, it was deeded to a non-existing company.  

“Public Interest” In The Service Of Politicians

Due to vague rules on expropriation, in Brčko District, private needs are being satisfied and land is being taken away to build access roads to the houses of politicians and voters, all under the guise of public interest.

Policijska uniforma

Police Uniforms Requirements Tailored For Private Businessmen

Police agencies have adopted internal rules thanks to which only one company, KM Trade from Visoko, has been winning tenders for the purchase of uniforms for years. Specific conditions forestall domestic manufacturers and distributors whose uniforms are being worn by police officers from a dozen European countries from applying to tenders.

Bijeli hljeb_CIN

Post-term severance as a [paid] holiday leave

This year, the citizens of BiH are paying almost BAM 1.5 million for the “post-term severance” of the 81 city and municipal officials. Nearly every second of them resumed their term or job in their own company for which they are paid.

Osuđeni parlamentarci Federalnog parlamenta

Legislators On The Other Side Of The Law

Every fourteenth parliamentarian in the highest legislative body of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a former convict, and more than half of them are re-offenders.