State Prosecutor Not Declaring All the Assets

State prosecutor Vedrana Mijović and her husband Danko bought five properties in 13 years, and she has not declared some of them to the HJPC. Even though this institution requires judges and prosecutors to declare their assets, they are not legally bound to do so because for two and a half years there have been no rules on the submission of financial statements.

Millions Through A Power Of Attorney

Emina Begić, a lawyer from Bugojno, is accused of abusing clients’ trust, embezzling their money, and forging documents. Although the Bar Association can suspend her until the trial is over, she is still working.

CIN Wins Two More Judgments

The Sarajevo Cantonal Court passed two judgments against federal ministries for non-compliance with the Law on Freedom of Access to Information. These are the CIN’s 13th and 14th wins for public data, transparency, and accountability of institutions.